AAR: Advanced Handgun with Karl Rehn

When it comes to teaching people how to shoot it is difficult to quantify what is “advanced” as shooting comes back to an essential set of skills that advanced shooters simply have a better command of.  With that said, Karl Rehn proposes that his Advanced Handgun class is best suited for shooters around the IDPA Expert/USPSA B Class of skill looking to break through the plateau and move.  After attending this class this past weekend I would say that is right on, but I think a shooter of any skill level, less or more than the targeted demographic, can get a great deal of insight from this offering.  I would not recommend it as a first class, but if you have experience and have become proficient in the essential skills, this is a great course to take. 

I had wanted to take this class for the past several years but the stars never aligned.  I finally did so this past weekend at FPF Training.  This class is formatted significantly different from most other pistol courses as it does not cover the very basics, but it does delve deeper into a lot of minutia, the kind of minutia that makes all the difference for a shooter that wants to progress.  This past year has been the least amount of shooting I have ever done in my adult life (far less than even in 2020) and this class was exactly what I needed to get me tuned up so I can get on track.  Karl gave all students a good dose of individual attention to correct issues.

Karl starts the class shooting at 25 yards at what is essentially a plus sign, the idea being that the plus sign makes for more consistent alignment of the sights than does just shooting at a circular target area like a typical B8.  He stressed the necessity of knowing that your gun/ammo combination is on or you will not have confidence in anything else you are doing.  Karl spent some time assessing and explaining the proper cadence of trigger press for shooting accurately at this distance. 

A good bit of time was spent on grip, explaining in depth that crushing the grip hard really matters.  Karl spent a lot of time on the draw stroke, and he broke it down differently than most, focusing a lot on the relationship between the presentation and the prepping of the trigger.  He had the class do quite a few exercises that isolated the individual steps of this process.  A good bit of time was also spent on refining reload technique. 

Many drills are covered in this class, quite a few of which are done individually with each student getting timed.  Karl then discusses the results with each student and offers goals to work towards.  Many of the well-known drills were used and the times and scores of each student were written down on a sheet to serve as a baseline so that students can proceed to work on their skills and monitor their progress going forward. 

This is a great class and I highly recommend it for any level of shooter who is seeking to advance.  The vast amount of experience that Karl Rehn has as an instructor really shows and he gives extended and thorough answers to the questions that you ask. 

I shot roughly 350 rounds during this one-day class.  I used my usual Glock 19 Gen3 and was shooting 115 grain Blazer.  I had three malfunctions during the class, so I need to investigate what is happening there.  I think this gun does not like this particular ammo, but it is 2021, so I will be shooting any crap I have on hand. 

I highly recommend this class, it is among the best shooting classes I have ever taken.

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