Prepping For Life: The balanced Approach to Personal Security and Family Safety by Grant Cunningham

I have read several books authored by Grant Cunningham and they are all excellent.  Cunningham, a noted firearms trainer and gunsmith, has a knack for keeping things in perspective.  Prepping for Life is the single best book I have read related to the topic of prepping.  This is the book that I would recommend to someone who is not yet a serious prepper but interested in preparing for the uncertainty of the future. 

Prepping for Life delves into the many aspects of preparedness that one would expect from any sort of prepper book; food stocks, water purification, medical, weaponry, etc.., but I find that this book also focuses on the more immediate, and more mundane, concerns that much prepper guidance seems to overlook.  For example, while touching on the ever-popular topic of bugout bags, Cunningham reminds the reader that the need for an already packed bag that will be transported by vehicle in the middle of the night in response to a family medical emergency is a far more likely utility than a backpack kept for bugout on foot.  Such practicality is absolutely sound, and this is but one example of the theme that carries this whole book.

Rather then delve into any other specifics of this work, I would simply submit that, if you are an individual invested in preparedness, this is probably the single best book you can have in your library.  I think that recommendation speaks for itself coming from me, an individual that has written extensively on prepping, and who has read pretty much everything related to the topic.  I honestly consider this the single best book on the topic.  Highly recommended. 

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