Book Review: A Pipe Hitters Guide to Crushing the Coming Societal Breakdown by Nicholas Orr

I have read most of the notable non-fiction books on prepping.  One that I read not long ago is this work by Nicholas Orr, who is the author of a series of fictional books.  This particular book is non-fiction and is a guide to preparedness for social collapse.  This book is a brief read and not terribly in-depth, but it is worth reading because it covers some material not frequently addressed in preparedness literature. 

While Orr briefly covers some topics related to prepping, such as food stocks and weaponry, this book primarily focuses on small unit fighting tactics and strategies for securing a suburban or rural perimeter.  He suggests maintaining several tiers of food stocks, briefly addresses medical supplies, and for weaponry he promotes a simple approach:  get a Glock 17 or 19 and an AR15.  Why?  Because, as he argues, they are the most common and supportable fighting platforms in the United States.  Can’t argue with that. 

The real value in this book, however, is in the overview of small team tactics and movement, and the guidance in securing a neighborhood.  Orr provides a high-level description of different movement patterns for a four-man fire team.  He also goes into some detail on techniques for securing a neighborhood block or rural compound, providing information on building defensive perimeter structures, closing down entry ways, and manning check points and defenses. 

Overall, though brief, this is a good book for the preparedness minded individual to read.

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