Valuable Training or Screwing Around?

There is a whole lot of screwing around in the world of firearms training, and in the broader field of self-defense and fighting in general.  How can we determine the difference between training and screwing around?  Well, here is one way:

Ask yourself, is what I am doing actually applicable to my life, or not?  If yes, you are training.  If no, you are screwing around.

Here is a perfect example:  

  1. Ask yourself, are you a concealed carrier?  Proceed to the next question.
  2. Now, ask yourself, am I active duty military or law enforcement that uses a battle belt for my job?  Proceed to the next question.
  3. Finally, ask yourself, do I train at the range, or attend shooting classes, with a battle belt that holds my pistol and a bunch of other cool kid stuff? 

If you answered yes to question one, and yes to question two as well, then answering yes to question three is acceptable. 

If you answered yes to question one, no to question two, but yes to question three, congratulations, you are likely screwing around. 

Sure, you might be having fun, but the way you are training is not applicable to your life.  Do you wear a battle belt, or an open holster of any kind, on a daily basis?

Guys, avoid screwing around, make sure you are training.  Drawing from concealment is harder than from a battle belt, and it is less fun, but it is the only draw that matters if you carry concealed and are not actively working in a position that uses a battle belt.  Sure, you might want to occasionally train in and test kit, be it a battle belt, body armor, etc…, but I see far too many guys who are not very competent in deploying their concealed pistol spend all of their time doing the weekend warrior stuff.

Keep things in perspective and train in what matters.

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