Review of The Phlster Enigma

So, at this point, every guy and his brother has weighed in to tell you that the Phlster Enigma is a game changer, and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Well, not prone to jump on bandwagons, I only recently acquired an Enigma, which I paid for as I do not have a relationship with the company.  I do, however, love their products, as I use their holsters almost exclusively at this point.  So, I will throw my two-cents in on the Enigma: 

I have used belly bands for deep concealment and super-casual sweatpants carry for many years now.  I have used a lot of different kinds of belly bands.  I have always used a small-frame revolver for this kind of carry, as I don’t like auto loaders for belly band use.  The Enigma is not a belly band, and it will, frankly, work with any gun, small revolvers through full-size autos.  I still use it with my small revolver, as for me the Enigma will remain a deep/casual concealment option.  I still prefer a belt-worn holster when dressed in pants and a belt. 

Yeah, the Enigma is a game changer; it slays any belly band solution.  This device provides tension against the wing or wedge of a holster, like a belt does, but no belly band does, so it conceals much better.  The Enigma also stays stationary under any activity, something that I never experienced with any belly band, as they tend to ride up or down throughout the day.  Also, it is more comfortable than any belly band I have used, which seems surprising, but it is indeed the case.  You can draw and re-holster with no movement or re-positioning of the rig being necessary, something not possible with any belly band.  Finally, it is faster and easier to put on than any belly band. 

I use a Ruger LCR in a Phlster City Special holster on the Enigma (of note, the City Special is also the best snub revolver holster I have ever used) along with a Speedbeez LCR speedloader in a Speedbeez speedloader pouch, which also affixes to the Enigma with no added bulk or discomfort.  This is my deep concealment/extremely casual setup, and I doubt there will something better for a long time.  All the belly bands I have used, several of which I have reviewed on this blog, are obsolete. 

The Phlster Enigma carries my revolver and speedloader tight to the body in sweatpants

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  1. Once you go enigma you never go back! Glad you like, I think you may find you will part ways with your belt rig in time (happened to me). I have no vested interest in the company other then they get my money because their products are second to none. If you really want to take it to the next level try their new sport belt. It allows me to now carry medical gear in total comfort and concealment (gloves/TQ/gauze).


    1. Well, I won’t part with my belt rig as that is my preference, however, especially coming out of COVID, my lifestyle turned into a lot of sweatpants time. Therefore, the Enigma serves a given purpose in the lifestyle.


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