Another Option for Carrying Medical

Several weeks back I ran an article on carrying medical gear.  In that article I showed my methods for actually carrying this gear on-body.  I always have a Soft-T Wide tourniquet in my pocket, but when doing activities that are more dangerous than usual I have an ankle kit that carries a tourniquet, packing gauze, chest seals, and a pressure dressing.  In that article I made the argument that if you carry only one piece of med gear it should probably be tourniquet just due to the commonality of limb injuries primarily due to accidents.  However, carrying all four of the main hemorrhage control devices becomes difficult.  Most guys that I know who do carry a full IFAK typically use an ankle rig.

However, you very well might find ankle rigs uncomfortable or not useful most of the time.  I admit that I don’t use mine often.  Again, during activities that might be hazardous or when I go to the range, etc…, I wear it, but otherwise I don’t.  I also live in shorts for a good third of the year, so the ankle rig does me no good during hot weather anyway. 

Another option that can work is to keep the tourniquet in a pocket by itself, then add a pouch with the other items.  Even with compact items, a pouch that carries packing gauze, a pressure dressing, and chest seals, will be a bit bulky for a hip pocket, but can certainly be carried in a cargo pocket in cargo pants or shorts, or can easily go in a coat pocket.  Here is a pouch that contains two Hyfin compact chest seals, folded in half, Quick Clot Combat Gauze, and an H&H mini compression bandage.  This pouch is about 4×4 by 1.5 inches thick.  So, for a fairly compact package, you have a lot of capability to add to a pocket that can handle it. 

If you hate ankle carry this is probably the best alternative; keep the tourniquet separate and add a pouch like this when so inclined to do so. 

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  1. Please get yourself the sport belt for for your enigma. You will be able to carry all your Ifak with a little work and concealed.


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