The Inherent Stupidity in the Search for Motive

So, here we go again, another mass shooting, this time at a dance hall in California.  Interestingly, the suspect is a 72-year-old Asian man.  Obviously, this is an unusual demographic of perpetrator.  All ethnic groups tend to put up a pretty consistent representation among mass killing commensurate with their percentage of overall population; FBI stats show that mass killers are not over-represented by particular ethnic or social groups regardless of what the sickening mainstream media may try to tell you.  I have always considered this a clear indication that evil is real and always present among any and all group of humanity.  The surprise here, however, is the age, as such incidents are most often committed by young and middle-aged males. 

So, in the wake of all such events the search for a “motive” becomes a primary talking point.  Of course, gun control is the favorite talking point among the media, but when these incidents don’t fall into the image that the divisive media wants, they tend to move on pretty quickly.  There is, however, much talk about motive in this incident, and this one may, indeed, be more of a head scratcher than usual due to the unlikely perpetrator.  Still, here is my opinion on the motive in this case, or in the case of any other active killer:

Who gives a shit. 

When looking at the reasons that are either espoused by the perpetrators of such events, or those that are simply deduced by investigators in the aftermath, we see a gamut of supposed motives:  Sometimes, he is just angry at the world because the girls in school ignored him.  Sometimes, he hates his co-workers who he thinks oppress him.  Sometimes, he hates black people.  Sometimes, he hates white people.  Sometimes, he hates gay people.  Sometimes, he hates Hispanics, or Asians, or Christians, or Jews, or Muslims, or any other possible grouping that only matters to a shitbag.  Who cares….

There is only one underlying motive that is the true ingredient; these sickos hate the world because they blame their own pathetic existence of self-imposed seclusion and resentment on the world rather than on themselves.  Therefore, they would rather go out with a bang (no pun intended) than to live as a rejected nobody.  There are, infrequently, exceptions to this as some perpetrators have been motivated by extremist ideology of some kind or another, but even so, this same personality trait is inherent.  High achievers don’t swear allegiance to terror organizations or attack innocent people to try to incite revolution, etc…  socially deficient losers do that. 

Now, there is some value in identifying the behavior and personality traits that seems to be common among these guys, as that can help schools, workplaces, and other institutions intercept such threats, though I place little faith in that based on the track record.  Searching for “motive,” however, is a fool’s errand.

As a reader of this blog you already know the best way to deal with such threats, so let us focus on that instead of having useless arguments analyzing motive. 

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