Bug Out Plans for All

No matter who you are, where you live, or what your environment is, having a bug out plan is a necessary part of your preparedness.  Do you live isolated in the Rocky Mountains?  Why would you need to bug out and leave your bunker?  Well, do you want to stay when the next forest fire roars through?  It does not matter WHERE YOU LIVE, you may need to bug out.  If you live in a small town in suburbia and a train, carrying chemicals, flips over, you may need to bug out.  Sounds crazy, right?  Oh, wait…

So, are you prepared to do so?

Concerning bug out, let’s drop this illusion of walking into the wilderness with a bug out bag.  A lot of people who consider themselves preppers put all faith in a single backpack.  That is not the realistic or likely bug out scenario.  Rather, leaving town, quickly, by vehicle, to escape natural or man-made disaster, is the far more likely scenario.  Therefore, a tiered assortment of pre-packed bug out bags (plural) is in order.  These bags, or crates, whatever, should stay packed at all times so that they can be loaded in the vehicle.  This principle is exceedingly important.  Can you put your most essential bags in the car and leave with your family within five minutes?  How about within three minutes?  Have the food, water, clothing, weaponry, and other supplies you need for the duration that you are likely to be traveling to your destination, planning on delays that are likely, if not inevitable.

And, have the plan.  Where will you go?  Who will you stay with during the emergency?  How far is the trip?  How much gas do you need?  Do you have the fuel always on hand to make the trip?  Can you count on refueling somewhere on the way? 

Part of a prepared lifestyle is to have your assortment of bug out gear always packed and ready.  A fire, a chemical spill, a riot, etc…, can force you to leave your home in a moment’s notice with no time to pack.  Have the gear, have a plan, and have it at the ready no matter where you live. 

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