We Know What Works, But They Don’t Want It

Another sickening shooting in a school.  As usual, in response to this the left wants to take your property from you and make you a felon if you don’t willfully hand it over.  Such measures will, of course, do nothing to stop the next attack.  So, how do we stop this?  Do we ban some kind of gun?  Do we restrict the ability of certain types of people to access guns?  I have an idea, how about we do what works!  Oh, and, bonus points, what works is completely constitutional.

We allow school staff and teachers who volunteer to do so be armed.  That is what works.  I know the few anti-gun readers that I have just spit their coffee all over the screen at this suggestion, but please get past your feelings for a minute and put on your thinking cap.  We know what works.  Armed teachers and staff works.  The entire state of Utah allows all concealed carriers to simply carry in schools and the state has never had a school attack.  And, what do you know, a teacher has never gone on a rampage because they are armed.  In reality that does not happen, that is only a figment of the anti’s imagination.  The schools in Texas that have the Guardian program have never had a school attack either. 

Oh, and before the antis mention anything about Uvalde, that school could have had the Guardian program but the school board for that district turned down the funding and did not implement the program.  I guarantee the little freak who attacked that school knew that.  Wow, Those school board members must have thought having “guns in schools” was a scary idea.  How did that go for them? 

We know what works, because it has been working for years.  For more details, read my article from several years back in the National Interest about these programs:


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