Emotionally Driven Weaklings:  The Most Dangerous of People

While there may not be any absolute solution to any given problem in society, thus far we have a solution to mass shootings that is quite effective, at least in educational facilities.  There have been no active killer attacks in school districts that have armed teachers staff.  Not a single one.  There have been attacks in schools with armed and uniformed personnel such as resource officers.  There has not, however, been any attacks on schools with armed teachers.  Period.  Don’t believe me?  Do the research and try to find one.  Sickos don’t try shooting up schools where Ms. Beasley, the math teacher, will shoot them in back of the head seconds into their rampage.  So, any rational human being with even several functional brain cells would conclude that the answer to active killers, at least in schools, would to be the solution that has been, thus far, one hundred percent effective in the school districts that implement it. 

However, this has not happened because emotionally governed weaklings would rather have vulnerable schools than to acknowledge that armed resistance is the answer. 

Unlike many in the “industry” who like to make nice with the people who wish to take their constitutional rights away from them, I play no such games, so I will say it: the Democratic party is squarely to blame for the ongoing carnage in gun-free zones.  That party wants only to disarm the law-abiding citizen and deny the 500,000 plus people a year (the lowest acknowledged estimate, by the way) who defend themselves with a firearm, the ability to do so.  They don’t want to protect children.  If they did, they would implement what actually works, what is now proven to work.  Look at the Texas school districts with the Guardian program, as well as the whole state of Utah.  No mass killings.  For any of the kids at the table, no, Uvalde did not have the guardian program implemented.  That school district turned the program down.  Nice.  I am sure all the anti-gun democrats on that school board are proud of themselves for keeping guns out of the school. 

Unfortunately, even a lot of republicans turn into weaklings on this topic as well, and support uniformed armed personnel in the schools, but they chicken out on the idea of armed teachers and staff.  By the way, if up to democrats, there would be no armed resource officers in schools either.  Don’t believe me, do your research.  Find out how many districts with a democrat super-majority have removed resource officers from schools.  Yes, their thinking (their “feeling”) is that nauseating and removed from reality. 

We will hear the usual stupidity about how if a teacher has a bad day they might go on a rampage.  Because, you know, someone who wishes to commit mass murder would not dare do so if it entails violating a gun-free policy.  And where has that happened, anyway?  I’ll wait.  This is another myth that only exists in the mind of weaklings who despise the idea of others taking personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them.  Wimps cling to Homer’s explanation that “the sword itself incites to violence.”  Homer also told stories about giant cyclops and sea monsters, so if that is where you want to get your advice on sociology, go for it.   

I have literally heard some educators say they don’t want to deal with this situation because they refuse to accept such a world.  They will always fall back to their favorite manifestation of stupidity, saying “more guns are not the answer.”  Except that guns in the hands of good guys who intervene has always been the answer, every single time.  Maybe all the doctors out there who specialize in treating childhood disease should quit because many refuse to accept such a world where children get sick and die.  That’s scary, right?  So, let’s just pretend it does not exist and stop investing in treatments and cures.  Even anti-gunners would find that absurd, but they fully embrace the same level of naive stupidly regarding violence.    

Make no mistake, weak people who despise personal responsibility are the most dangerous of them all.

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