Keep it Close to Home

The concept of limiting who you are willing to protect by inserting yourself into a violent confrontation is nothing new.  Well over twenty years ago the instructor for my concealed carry course (in a state that mandated a full day course that primarily focused on legalities) suggested that the concealed carrier “keep it close to home.”  That advice has become more and more sound as the years pass.  Who are you willing to die for?  Who are you willing to go to prison for life for?  Outside of that circle, don’t intervene.  Using force against another person should never be taken lightly, and it should be only a last resort.  However, even if used only as the last resort, it can go bad.  You can lose the fight, or you can lose a legal fight later. 

Yes, it is very sad that we are now living in a society where you are better off letting dangerous and threatening people ravage innocents, but that is where we are.  Especially if you are in a big, blue, city, you will be prosecuted for using force on a scumbag, even as scumbags are simultaneously released back onto the street over and over again.  This is the reality we now live in.  Yes, it is political, and blue vs. red matters as it determines your right to defend yourself from violence, or not. 

No matter how righteous or justified the use of force, no matter how clearly a matter of self-defense it may be, a blue prosecutor, likely funded by a particular leftist philanthropist, will prosecute you.  Your life will then be ruined by a trial, which hopefully will be won, but will leave your life in smolders either way.  This, of course, is the intent among leftist prosecutors;  The process is the punishment.  Dissuading good people from acting in self-defense is the goal, make no mistake.  If stopping crime was the goal then leftists would incarcerate criminals, but they don’t.  They prosecute self-defenders.  So, who are you willing to die for or go to jail for?  Your spouse?  Probably.  Your children?  Check.  The woman in the parking lot getting into it with an unknown man who might be an ex-lover?  Nope.  How about the woman getting molested by a thug on a subway?  Would you intervene?

Thus, we now live in a time where a woman on a subway in Philadelphia was molested while everyone stood there and did nothing.  Do you blame them for doing nothing?  Why would they do anything?  So that they can be prosecuted if anything bad happens to the precious thug?  I wonder if the woman voted for the prosecutor in that district and the party that fosters this degradation of society.  I understand it should not matter, but, sorry, it does.  A society gets what it votes for, and voting for leftists who let criminals run rampant, but prosecute good people, gets women raped on the train with nobody willing to intervene. 

Keep it close to home.  If you live in a blue urban or suburban environment, thugs are a protected class and you are a surf rather than a citizen. 

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  1. Not sure if the use of surf instead of serf is a typo or intended, but if it was intended, Bravo for a great sense of humor and irony, as the image of a Thug surfing of the people in tandem with a Soros funded prosecutor was to good to let go of.


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