The Latest London Attack: Run, Hide, Tell

A few weeks ago I wrote about the deplorable Run, Hide, Fight moniker that is touted throughout the United States by government entities as being the response protocol for active shooters.  I berated the mindset of this faction of our society that promotes such an approach, mentioning Fight as only a last ditch, unarmed attempt.  Well, as if this domestic protocol is not sickening enough, check out London’s approach, as is suggested by the London Metropolitan Police.  Run, Hide, Tell.  Fitting indeed.  It appears the Brits have even less fight in them than do our own liberal snowflakes.  How is that working out for them?

This is what happens to a society that has relinquished all responsibility for their own safety to the state.  England gave up their guns long ago.  Essentially their entire nation is a gun-free zone.  In the United States the liberal utopias that are gun-free zones are the targets for active shooters and terrorism.  When was the last time such an incident occurred in a conservative stronghold where a significant percentage of the population roams the street with concealed handguns?  I’ll wait………………..exactly.  They happen on university campuses, in schools, on military bases, and in other locations that have been disarmed through asinine liberal policies.  Yes, for any that don’t realize, military bases are gun-free zones.  How is that working out in these locations?

Yet, despite the obvious, leftists in the United States will continue to push for the socialist agenda that we have seen fully encompass Europe.  Leftists do not believe in personal responsibility, they would never embrace the means of protecting themselves so they wish to take that ability away from you.  Don’t let that happen.  Remain politically active so that we can beat their assault on our freedoms politically.  Let socialist Europe, California, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey enjoy their communism and terrorism on their own.  Get training, carry your handgun, and vote accordingly.  Let the Run, Hide, Tell types keep their cowardice and insanity to themselves.

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