Versatile Carry: The Snub as the Vacation Gun

What you are looking at here is a Ruger LCR in a well-worn Sticky holster. The small frame revolver is my alternative when I can’t carry my preferred weapon, a double-stack auto loader, for whatever reason.  If required to dress in a way that I can’t hide the auto or if in environments where I can’t afford to print the snub is my go-to option because it disappears like nothing else.  Aside from deep concealment, however, I find the snub offers a second huge advantage that keeps it in my battery of necessary carry weapons: versatility.  This lite-weight revolver, combined with the no-clip Sticky holster, is the definition of versatile carry.

The Sticky holster rides in the waistband and stays in place without issue as long as the waistband is tight. I usually wear a belt, but the no clip holster still offers the advantage of being easily and quickly taken off and put back on.  Even without a belt, the Sticky holster works with the lite LCR as long as the pants are adequately tight.  I can even wear this setup in basketball shorts, as long as the draw string is tightened sufficiently.  To play it safe, though, I always wear a belt and that is my recommendation.  Also, the Sticky holster works great as a pocket holster.  The versatility of this setup makes it my “vacation gun.” While a heavier revolver like my Ruger SP101 is a much nicer shooting gun than the LCR the lite weight offered by guns like the LCR or the Smith and Wesson air weights prove invaluable in this capacity.

If at the beach or other such environment where I am dressed in nothing more than shorts and a t-shirt this setup is ideal.  It can go in the pocket of cargo shots when roaming around the casual beach environment and then in my waistband, my usual carry mode, in the evenings when out and about.  While those of us that are serious about self-defense usually prefer to carry the biggest gun possible this is not always an option and at such times carrying a small 5-shot revolver is still a much better alternative than carrying no gun at all.  If you need the versatility of a “vacation gun” maybe you will find what you need in the combo of a small revolver or pocket pistol and a no clip holster.

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