The European Mindset on Guns

I was in Brussels when I noticed it.  Fabulous city, great place to visit, I was there on business.  Over the course of the week I walked all over that city to get the feel for it after the day in the office. I noticed a significant cultural difference between Belgium and my homeland: there were armed military personal, carrying rifles and wearing body armor, all over the streets.    Everywhere.  Belgium is like most of Europe: you need to be powerful and connected to own a firearm.  Europe generally believes in Guns for me but not for thee: as in, guns for the powerful, not for the common man.  Yes folks, America is exceptional and if you doubt that you are part of the problem.  Europeans, as well as the American left, prefer true social inequality even though they think their embrace of multi-culturalism can conceal their true desire to be slaves to the state.

Seeing soldiers with rifles standing around on the streets does not work for most Americans.  Even our leftist idiots don’t like it despite the fact that they beg the government to strip guns from the commoner.  Anyway, I asked my co-worker there, a resident of Brussels, if this was normal.  He said it was, although there were more soldiers on the streets than usual.  He believed they were on high alert for some reason.  Smart guy.  One week later over one hundred people were killed at the Bataclan Theater and other locations in Paris by terrorists, the cell behind the attack hailed from Brussels.  Fortunately, I was home by then in the land of freedom (at least in the state where I reside).  I am glad I was out of Brussels in time as all of Europe froze flights in the wake of the attack.

During the Paris attack unarmed French citizens were massacred like sheep.  Simultaneously, unarmed Belgians, and most Europeans, walked helplessly around their otherwise nice cities while on every corner stood their superiors: heavily armed emissaries of the state.  Back home I walked around wearing my Glock 19 concealed on my person.  The cops that I would occasionally see were armed similarly, their rifles left in their cars rather than carried as a show of all-powerful and authoritarian statehood.

There is only one way for a free man to live.  There is only one way for a free man to keep his freedom.  Europeans gave their freedom away long ago, although I don’t think they ever had it to begin with.  I intend to keep my freedom, I hope you do to.  Seeing heavily armed and armored soldiers roam the streets while I am left completely unarmed and treated as a lower class by the law does not work for me or any other man who has a shred of respect for individual liberty.

Those of us that acknowledge the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution which was drafted by the finest group of men this world has ever known respect the true American way of life.  Let the leftists move to Europe, they wish to be completely disarmed.  I hope the sight of soldiers everywhere does not offend their delicate snowflake sensibilities, but they better get used to it, because that is what follows closely behind the disarmament of the common man.

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