Another School Tragedy: Some Considerations

Anti-gun leftists have, as usual, hijacked today’s mass shooting at a high school to push their agenda for civilian disarmament.  We all know what to expect: cries for congress to implement an assault weapons ban and universal background checks.  Neither will do a damn thing to prevent the next attack, but both will handsomely trample on the Constitution; the true goal of the leftist elites that too many in our country are foolish enough to elect.

We know the only way to start reducing these sorts of attacks is to make gun free zones go away.  Schools should be hard targets with a combination of uniformed police AND plain-cloths staff who are armed.  This syndrome will stop if every school has concealed carriers there.  Leftists refuse to accept this but they prefer feelings over statistics so no surprise.  They don’t like guns and they hate the idea of the individual being capable of protecting one’s self, so they want that right to go away.

It is unfortunate that mass killings have increased in the past two decades even though homicide has sharply decreased in general.  This has become a trend for the deranged to carry out.  Regardless, keep it in perspective.  According to an article today on Fox News, which leans right, 98 school kids have been killed since the Columbine attack in 1999, almost twenty years ago.  However, I have seen other estimates from left-leaning sources that put it at roughly 180 school kids having been killed in that time frame.  This is appalling and the answer is having armed adults to protect our children.

Also, bear this in mind: if we take even the high estimate of 180 deaths across nineteen years we have twenty fatalities a year.  According to the CDC  roughly 700 children drown each year.  Over 700 children also die from accidental poisoning annually.  So, while school violence is a scary thought for those of us with children in school, your child is 35 to 70 times more likely to die by ingesting a poisonous substance in your home or to drown in a swimming pool. So do you trade your liberty for that based on the ludicrous notion that such infringement would keep guns out of the hands of killers intent on committing such crimes?

Maybe the liberal commies like Senator Chris Murphy, who has already been running his mouth about the need for congress to act on gun control before the bodies have even been covered, should propose banning swimming pools instead; it would save at least 35 times more children each year and it won’t violate the bill of rights.  Of course, any gun control he proposes will not save anyone as criminals get weapons regardless, but his proposals will certainly hinder the tens of thousands of good people each year who defend themselves with firearms.  Murphy, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the usual suspects don’t care though, they plan to keep their armed body guards.  They will also ensure that no progress is made in arming staff in schools, the obvious answer.


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