Practical Prepping Part V: Security and Defense

A lot of writing is done on security in the prepper community but most of this focus goes towards what guns to have.  Well, that is a big part of it, but not all of it.  Along with weaponry should go some thought and preparation into early warning systems to secure yourself and your loved ones in whatever location you are in, be that home or another place.  Also, as it pertains to guns, a necessary step for prepping is the ability to bug out, so certain guns should be kept at the ready to do so.

Securing Your Home or Alternate Location

Securing the home for a grid down or social collapse scenario is not terribly different than proper security in your daily life.  A home should be equipped with solidly locked doors and early warning systems regardless.  Weaponry does you no good if you are taken by complete surprise.  A home alarm system that sounds a loud siren if a door or window is breached is great.  However, where this may deviate for grid down preparation is electricity.  If there is no power a centrally installed alarm may not work, obviously, so having a backup system in place that can run on batteries is wise, or perhaps relying on such a system to begin with.

One approach that I like is to use a separate battery powered alarm on each door.  These little things are quite loud, and these can be installed for use if the power is out and a main alarm system is not working.  Also, they are small, inexpensive, and portable, so you can keep several of them in your bug-out preps so you can secure doors if in a different location than home.  Another useful item to have is a few simple door stops.  The small rubber ones can, again, be brought with you so that you can place them under a closed and locked door in a hotel room or another home, thus allowing you to secure a door even when away from home.

A third consideration I will offer for security in the event of grid down that is good for securing your own home or a location that you bug out to is battery powered motion sensor lights.  There are a number of good ones on the market.  They are, again, small, light, and inexpensive.  Putting a few of these in your bug out preps along with plenty of spare batteries for them gives you the ability to set up motion-activated lighting wherever you are.  These lights prove to be good early warning to movement encroaching on the perimeter of a house or retreat, and they also prove to be a deterrent.

Weaponry for Prepping

The most obvious defensive solution for a grid down event or social unrest is a battery of guns.  While plenty of thought can be given to what survival guns you may need for riding out an extended collapse, the more likely and more pressing concern should be what weaponry do you currently keep to secure your home, be it from a standard home invasion or during a time of collapse, and what weaponry do you currently carry?  These will likely remain your defensive options in the wake of any crisis.

Beyond, this, however, keeping certain firearms always prepped, ready, and perhaps packed to load quickly into a vehicle makes sense for bugging out.  Likewise, spare ammunition magazines, parts, and a cleaning kit packed within your bug-out bags or crates makes good sense so that you can take you defensive capabilities with you and have plenty of it.  If keeping only dedicated bug-out weapons packed is not an option what you can do is keep long gun cases ready to go so that your defensive rifles or shotguns can be quickly placed in them.

Take some of these ideas into consideration.  Have security gear and weaponry ready to secure your home or to take with you to secure any alternate location.

This brings to an end my series on sensible prepping, I hope you dedicated gun guys that are perhaps not so prepared in other regards find some useful and practical information here.  Stay prepared and stay active in the protection of yourself, your loved ones, and your freedom.

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