Review of the Streamlight Protac 2L-x

I have used Streamlight products for quite a few years now. I have used several Polytac series lights as long gun lights and I have carried numerous Protac series lights. I have had seven Protac lights, none have failed. My favorite has been the Protac 1L model due to its small size yet considerable output. Well, recently I decided that I would up my capability in light. Since I have switched to carrying my flashlight IWB next to my spare magazine instead of in a pocket the extra size is not really an issue. I have adopted the Streamlight Protac 2L-x model as my new carry light and I am very pleased with it.

The 2L-x model can take two standard lithium 123a batteries or it can use a single Streamlight 18650 rechargeable battery. I am using the 18650s. These batteries have a mini USB port built right into them to facilitate recharging. These last longer and are actually brighter than the disposable 123as. What is quite cool about this option is that a couple of these recharge batteries combined with a portable solar charger gives you the ability to keep one of these lights powered almost indefinitely without the need of electricity, making it a cool outdoors or bug out option. The new Streamlight models, noted by the addition of the –x, indicate they can take the rechargeable batteries. This particular model puts out 500 lumens in a comparatively small package, so it is quite powerful for a viable carry light.

Hopefully this light will live up to the reliability I have come to expect with Streamlight, it seems to be solid as a rock and after about a month of use I have had no problems with it. I like the power and this light is big enough to be easily handled in conjunction with a handgun but also small enough to carry. Using rechargeable batteries is also a great feature and eliminates the need to use the rather expensive 123a batteries. The 30$ investment in two rechargeable batteries will probably pay for itself within a short period. Overall, this is a great piece of gear and I am happy with it.

I carry the 2L-x along with a spare 21 round Magpul Glock magazine in a Sticky Holsters double magazine sleeve. With adequate belt tension I have never had one of these mag sleeves move, even under vigorous activity. A lot of people don’t trust these clipless options and I completely understand that, but issues with these tend to come from not using good belt tension. As long as your belt is tight these things stay put. Your mileage may vary.  This setup allows me to easily and quickly add the spare magazine and light to my waistline when leaving the house, and easily remove it when home or elsewhere if need be.  Combined with my carry pistol and knife, these items give me significant defensive tools in a package that I can conceal in any casual clothing, all the time.


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