The Inescapable Mentality of the Anti-Gun Zealot

A clear example of why the anti-gunners love Europe is seen in the advice given to the British public in how to respond to a terror attack: they are instructed to Run, Hide, Tell.

Tell, like you would tell on a bully in grade school.  At least FEMA’s advice, as flawed as it is, suggests run, hide, fight.  The antis must hate that last option; it requires self-reliance.  In the wake of the latest shooting in Virginia Beach, in a gun-free zone as usual, State Governor Northam (of KKK hoods and black face fame) took time out of his busy schedule of being a racist and promoting infanticide to trample on the Second Amendment.  No surprise, the antis are cheering him on.  Gun control started as part of Jim Crow racism, after all, so the antis have the perfect champion in Governor Northam.

In a number of Op Eds I have written for a variety of news and political commentary venues I have used the phrase “abdication of self-reliance” and I have pointed to this trait as the consistent theme among those who are rabidly anti-gun and anti-2A.  In the firearms culture we often view ignorance as our primary enemy; the majority of people who lean anti-gun are completely ignorant regarding firearms.  While this is true, those who are vehemently motivated to destroy the Second Amendment are not just ignorant about guns and firearms regulations, but they are entirely invested in stripping the right to keep and bear arms from law-abiding citizens.

Why is the Anti-2A crowd so hell-bend on pursuing this unconstitutional avenue?  How can the clear evidence that gun control only impacts lawful people and does not hinder the actions of criminals and killers not influence them?  Why do they so detest the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, especially the Second Amendment?  Because, they are absolutely determined to abdicate their own self-reliance and they want all means of being self-reliant stripped away from others.  A disarmed society can never look at them and expect self-reliance from them.  An armed society can look at them and demand that they take responsibility for themselves.  This is the key element behind the endless political attack on our Second Amendment rights.

Antis HATE self-reliance, so the stripping of other people’s rights is the only option.  For those of you who prefer to be self-reliant and bear arms, the antis would far prefer that you face a few street criminals with only knives while unarmed yourself, than for anyone to have a gun, like they do in London.  They would far prefer that the young mother, home alone with her children, face men with only knives and baseball bats breaking down the door than for her to be armed with a firearm.  And, they far prefer that employees in any given building be disarmed and helpless in the face of a mass killer.  This mentality is nothing less than a sickness that threatens all liberty.

Self-reliance or the lack thereof: this is the single notion that divides our Nation.

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