Blue Alpha Belts Low Profile EDC Belt Review

If you carry a gun you need to use a dedicated gun belt.  A lot of people spend a lot of time trying to make due with a regular belt, only to finally buy a real gun belt, then realize how poor their life choices have been.  A purpose-built gun belt is made to be rigid so that it can securely and comfortably hold the weight of a holstered handgun and other accessories.  There is simply no substitute for a dedicated gun belt if you carry.

One issue that I have consistently found over the years with dedicated gun belts is that the belt buckle is often bigger than necessary, which can interfere with the holster itself, depending on your mode of carry, and the buckle can cause printing issues all on its own.  If you carry in the appendix position you will likely find that you need to wear the buckle off to the side.  This being the case, a low-profile design is ideal as a large buckle causes a printing issue and can also prove difficult to feed through the belt loops.

I am pleased to have found my new favorite belt for every-day carry: the Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC belt.  The design utilizes the typical dual layer of nylon to make it stiff, but this belt is not overly stiff or thick.  The belt buckle design is the true selling point, it proves as low profile as I have found, and when off-set on the body so that it stays out of the way of an appendix carried holster, the buckle does not print.

Another great thing about this belt, you can buy it new for 40 dollars or less.  This belt is so nice and the price so good that I actually ordered a second one shortly after I bought the first.  The only reservation I have is that the fastening mechanism relies on Velcro, which I suspect might eventually wear out.  Even if it does, if I get a couple years out of it the belt will still be well worth it.  Only time will tell, but based on the quality I suspect it won’t be an issue.

I highly recommend this belt, you can find it here:

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