Book Review: Sentinel by Pat McNamara

While it is undeniable that Pat McNamara brings a good deal of entertainment value to the shooting and personal protection world, he is also exceedingly knowledgeable and skilled both as a practitioner and instructor.  I read his book, Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail some time ago.  McNamara approaches the protection of one’s own family in a similar manner to executive protection and he details it as such in this book.  What I like about this work is the broader spectrum of personal security that is addressed beyond guns and fighting.  McNamara proposes that security should be part of the routine in everyday life, and he delves into the many fields of implementation for such.

While not a deep-dive into any particulars, McNamara touches on the skills that the “agent” in charge of family security should have.  He also emphasizes fitness, a topic that many in the self-defense field seem to shy away from.  The functional fitness stressed by this author is that relevant to fighting and movement.  Being able to run with children in hand, pull yourself or someone out of a burning car, throw a table through a window, etc…, are the reasons for developing a high level of fitness and this topic is treated well in this book.

One of the things that stood out to me when I read Sentinel was McNamara’s suggestion to really maintain and work with the family vehicle.  Know how to maintenance it, and keep it maintained.  The vehicle’s reliability and safety are of paramount importance to the well-being of the family.  Always maintaining a full gas tank is also recommended, so that the vehicle is always ready to get everyone out of dodge.

McNamara hits on a number of themes concerning family protection while out and about.  Carrying essential tools for preparation is discussed.  The necessity of being able to spot bad situations so that you can avoid them, and the ability to de-escalate bad situations is even more important when having family in tow.  Beyond just self-defense matters, McNamara makes many great suggestions, such as doing all prep-work before traveling so that you don’t look like you are a lost tourist, thus making yourself an optimal victim for criminal activity.

This book is not a comprehensive analysis of any given topic, but it is an excellent overview of the things that a family defender should be considering, beyond just carrying a gun.  I highly recommend reading this book if you have a family you want to be able to protect.

Find it on Amazon here.

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