Shooting the Handgun is a Very Perishable Skill

This past week I finally made it back to the range after two months of no shooting.  I usually don’t shoot at all in January as I am often traveling that time of year, but this year it has been a bit longer than usual due to some unexpected demands that have come up.  In that time I have done almost no dry fire either.  So, how did it go?

The word “abysmal” comes to mind.  Tanked shots right out of the gate.  I have come to the conclusion that prolonged periods of no live fire has an effect on the individual’s “flinch response” as the gun going off in front of your face is that much more removed from you.  Beyond being rusty with the mechanics, this primarily mental game is out of practice as well.

By the end of my 200 round session I was getting it dialed back in, but hardly at standard performance, let alone my desired performance.  Shooting the handgun is, absolutely, a perishable skill, at least for mortals like me.  To maintain a good level of skill demands putting in the time and keeping the duration of absence from practice to a minimum.

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