Concealment Rules the Day: Especially During SHTF

The concealed handgun has two primary attributes: First, it gives you a weapon that extends in function beyond contact distance which can be carried on the person.  Second, it gives you the ability to keep said weapon concealed on your person.  If you open carry you throw away the second attribute, which is a significant tactical shortcoming.  While I concede that there are some occasions or environments in which open carry is acceptable (like field work in rural areas) the utility of this practice is otherwise limited.  This is even more the case during times of heightened civil anxiety and potential unrest, such as that which we are now facing.

We are already at the point where sheltered urbanites are fighting with each other over the last roll of toilet paper on the shelf.  I attribute this mentality to that which fosters road rage and other such foolishness.  This emotionally reactive stupidity has arisen from a generation of people who were raised to believe every sort of aggression is bad and only authority, be it the school teacher or the state, should resolve conflicts.  Such people, who have never punched someone or been punched in the mouth themselves, seem to be the first to fly off the handle over stolen parking spaces or the last roll of toilet paper.  Ask yourself, is carrying an exposed gun in the presence of such fools, even under the best of conditions, a good idea?

As tensions rise and society gets unstable the necessity to keep your weaponry discreet escalates.  Handguns should be well concealed, and long guns are reserved for home defense, or, if you face the need to bug out, may be best transported hidden in the vehicle.  Unless you need to bug out of your home during a violent riot in which a rifle or shotgun rides next to you in the car, the long gun remains a home defense option or supplementary firepower hidden in luggage.  Overall, however, the concealed carry handgun remains the primary.  I would suggest carrying a serious fighting pistol rather than the 380 pocket rocket or 38 snub as things deteriorate.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Given the increase in “crazy” going on right now concealed is the smartest option. If I’m protecting my family or myself I don’t want anyone to know I’m armed. I’m former LEO, but I’m not anymore and my big white horse I used to ride to the rescue on died on old age. Carry smart, Carry concealed.

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