The Phlster Skeleton Gen 2 Holster

I am generally not a fan of minimalist holsters.  A well-designed full-size holster will add minimal bulk inside the waistband yet provide all of the benefits of a complete holster, like shielding the gun completely from your skin and facilitate the best possible draw and re-holster.  Still, I started looking around for a fully-functional holster that provides a small footprint so that I can conceal my Glock 26 as well as possible.  I generally like Phlster products, but most of their line is only for right-handers, and I am left handed.  The Phlster Skeleton is one of the few products they make that is ambi-dexterous and seems highly rated based on most internet reviews.  It is also very minimalist, though a full holster, not jut a trigger shield.  Therefore, I bought one several months ago.

Generally, it is comfortable, and it conceals really well.  The Tuck Strut, Phlster’s own take on a wing that pushes the grip of the pistol in towards the body for better concealment, works well.  I think the Tuck Strut actually works better than other traditional wings, at least that has been my experience.  This holster can accept a Glock 26, Glock 19, Glock 17, etc…, since the frame of these guns is the same width but the holster has an open bottom to accommodate the longer slides of the bigger guns.  I bought the holster specifically for use with my Glock 26.

Shorter guns like the G26 can actually prove more difficult to conceal in the AIWB position than a larger gun as the longer slide provides more balance to keep the gun tucked against the body.  The Skeleton does not extend past the muzzle of the Glock 26, thus at first I thought this might pose a concealment issue.  As it turns out, the Tuck Strut appears to be the solution here.  I have had no issues at all with the gun tipping forward and out, a problem I have had with several other AIWB holsters made to the length of the Glock 26.  This holster solves that issue for me, it stays consistently in place and well-concealed.

Now, I generally dislike holsters that allow the muzzle to extend past the holster itself as I find this a liability.  If the muzzle gets pushed, by your own leg or in some other way, it can pop out of the holster.  In the case of the Skeleton, however, I don’t mind because the Glock 26 muzzle sits flush with the bottom of the holster and I don’t plan on carrying a Glock 19 in this holster anyway.  Further, the retention is very good, so I don’t think it would be a problem even with a longer gun.

The Skeleton also facilitates the adjustment of ride height, allowing you to get the gun’s grip closer to, or further away, from the belt line.  This is important as the ability to efficiently draw, yet the concealment offered by being close to the belt, is a balancing act.

So far I am quite happy with the Skeleton and it has been my carry holster since I bought it.  The Skeleton seems to conceal the best of the AIWB holsters I have worked with and it is quite comfortable.  It is also typical Phlster quality, which in my experience, is always good.  I recommend this one.


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