Shooting Platform Part II: Stance is A Simple Concept

Shooting stance tends to be a favorite topic of over-analysis in beginner level firearms training.  While it is an important concept, there is no reason to make it complicated.  The way we stand is only part of the overall shooting platform, the mechanics of the body used to put force behind the gun.  Ask yourself, what shooting stance are you in if shooting from the ground, shooting from your knees, or shooting from seated?  While you are not standing at all in those positions, the other mechanics of the shooting platform can be in play: the goal is to put the weight of the body behind the gun so as to control it to the best of our ability under the conditions we are dealt.

When standing, shooting stance is not much different compared to any sort of athletic stance.  How do football players stand when about to be sacked?  This is a natural fighting stance that the body assumes by instinct when facing impending impact, be it a rushing linebacker or an encroaching attacker.  In terms of shooting, the weight-forward posture works to mitigate the recoil of the gun.  Staying in a fighting stance when shooting also makes complete sense because a gunfight is certainly a fight regardless of the tool being used.

See the video for a more detailed explanation:

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