Shooting Platform Part IV: The High-Tang Grip

If you have attended any sort of firearms training beyond just basic CCW certification you have probably heard reference, and perhaps seen demoed, the “high-tang” handgun grip.  The idea behind this technique is that, obviously, the higher we get the web of our hand on the grip of the gun the better we can control the recoil of the pistol.  Likewise, the support hand, thumbs forward technique works towards controlling recoil. 

However, there is more to the mechanics of the technique than just getting high on the grip with the dominant hand and putting the thumb forward on the support hand.  Rather, we want to press the web our out hand up into the tang so as to toward the gun muzzle downward and create pressure against our lower fingers on the grip.  Pressing aggressively into the tang creates a downward pressure on the gun that offers far better recoil control than just placing the web of the hand up to the tang.

See the video for further explanation:

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