Book Review: Concealed Carry Class by Tom Givens

Among firearms training enthusiasts Tom Givens needs no introduction.  One of the most experienced trainers in the industry, Givens has written a few things along the way.  His latest iteration of work is the book Concealed Carry Class:  The ABCs of Self-Defense Tools and Tactics, and I just finished reading it. 

It appears that Givens attempted to make this book quite complete in scope, if not very in-depth on any particular topic, and I think he did that quite well.  This is, indeed, a top contender for the “if you only read one book on defensive shooting” championship.  However, it is worth reading whether you are a complete newbie or exceedingly experienced in this craft.

Givens provides his excellent assessment of crime statistics, which will be familiar to any reader who has listened to the many interviews he has done in which he discusses this.  Quite frankly, this assessment of criminal activity in the United States alone makes the book worth reading.  Givens dispels the notion that being a victim of violent crime is a “one in a million change.”  This section of the book is the sort of thing you need to get your on-the-fence friends and family members to read.  After reading this section of the book one would have to be willfully naive to still fail to see the need to arm one’s self. 

The book provides an excellent overview of the defensive mindset, skills, tactics, and gear related to carrying a concealed handgun and defending one’s self from violence.  A very good introduction to legal concepts is provided, putting the reader on track to gaining knowledge of self-defense and lethal force law.  The essentials of mindset related to awareness and the willingness to use force are well-presented.  Givens also does a great job of outlining the benefits and limitations of the different firearms, gear, and carry modes that comprise the concealed carry lifestyle.

Overall, whether you are new to the field of concealed carry, or if you have been doing so for a lifetime, this book is well worth your time.  Try to get your head-in-the-sand friends to read it as well.  Highly recommended.

Find it on Amazon here.

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