Modulating the Presentation for the Accuracy Requirement

One of the skills to work on as an advancing shooter is the ability to modulate the presentation of the gun based on how accurate you need to be for the shot.  The goal is to draw and present the gun with all-possible speed, but only slow down at the point needed, to make a more-accurate shot.  For example, if you are an experienced shooter and you draw and fire an A Zone hit at a target 5 yards away, you can likely do that quite quickly.  However, if you draw and fire to an A Zone hit at 25 yards, it is going to be a slower process.  The key, however, is to still maintain speed at all points of the draw and presentation available so that you do not make the shot slower than it needs to be.

The way we accomplish this is to modulate the end of the presentation of the gun and slow down only at that stage of the process to clean up the sight picture to make the more demanding shot.  The clearing of the cover garment, the draw of the gun, the mating of the hands, and the initial part of the extension can all be done just as quickly if taking a long, accurate, shot as when making a close range, fast, shot; we only need to modulate the speed of the final part of the extension.

See the video for a demonstration of this concept:

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