The God Virus by Skip Coryell

Author Skip Coryell is actually well known in the self-defense and preparedness community, being involved with publishing a number of known books in the field, having written a number of known books in the field, and for being a firearms instructor and host of the excellent Home Defense Podcast.  Skip is also an author of fictional work, much of which focuses on post-apocalyptic material.  I am, of course, a fan of that genre of literature, and I have read a lot of it. 

The God Virus is one of Coryell’s books and having read it, I must say, it is a good specimen among the genre.  While not particularly long, it follows a few well-developed characters in the wake of a nation-wide blackout caused by a malicious computer virus.  At the time of this writing in 2021 we have recently witnessed several power and energy disruptions due to hacking, so I would say Coryell hit the nail on the head when writing this book back in 2012.  The God Virus is the first book in a three-part series.  I will likely go on to read the sequels. 

One beneficial by-product that I find consistently derived from a good work in this genre of literature is a “I never thought of that” moment.  The God Virus provides several of these.  What I refer to here, is that when an experienced expert in preparedness writes a book, they often weave in scenarios that, although fictional, make an individual with the right mindset pause and reflect.  A good post-apocalyptic work will provide such scenarios, realistic and plausible ones, that will enlighten the reader to a potential situation never-before considered.

I will not bother delving into any of the plot mechanisms of this book, I only write this review to say that The God Virus comes highly recommended from me.  Certainly, it proves one of the better works in the prepper fiction cadre. 

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