Review of the Phlster Pro Series Holster

About a month prior to this writing I ordered a Phlster Pro Series holster for Glock 9mm double stacks (17, 19, 26).  I have used a lot of Phlster products over the past several years including a Phlster Skeleton holster and a Flightworthy sheath for my Ka Bar TDI.  I find their products are consistently excellent, obviously designed by people who use these tools rather than just draw something up on a white board. 

Well, I think this pro series holster is my favorite AIWB holster that I have ever used.  It works seamlessly for both my Glock 19 and 26, so that is a huge plus.  This holster could also accommodate a Glock 17, which I don’t use, but the extended length of the holster is a good thing as holsters that are longer actually work better for AIWB carry than short holsters.  That sounds counter-intuitive, but anyone who spends time carrying AIWB will confirm my assessment of that.  For myself, this Pro Series holster is the perfect size.

The Pro series also provides two essential customizing adjustment capabilities: you can fine-tune both the ride height and the cant of the holster.  This is vitally important as every individual tends to have a unique requirement of how high the gun must ride above the belt to get the perfect blend of accessibility and concealment.  The Pro series also gives you the ability to use any sort of attachments you want, be it soft loops, clips, wings and claws, a tuck strut, etc…,  I am absolutely happy with the default configuration of soft loops and a claw. 

The Pro Series holster is also ambidextrous and can be set up for right or left-hand draw.  The bottom of the holster is bulbus in shape which acts as a built-in wedge and it also makes all edges rounded, thus aiding in comfort.  The accessibility to the gun is great and the concealment is excellent.  The kydex and hardware are also of excellent quality on this holster, I am confident that I will get a long duration of good service out of it.

Overall, I highly recommend this holster and if you want a high-quality AIWB solution that is comfortable and customizable I would suggest starting here.

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