Recommended Podcasts for Preparedness and Self-Defense

I am a podcast fanatic and I listen to many different shows every week.  For those invested in self-defense and preparedness there are some excellent resources in the podcast world.  Obviously, and shamelessly, I would suggest that you routinely listen to the CCX2 podcast, on which I am a host.  Beyond that, though, here are the good ones that I recommend.

I do not provide links to these shows as they are available on different podcast platforms, you can look them up by the name as displayed here:

1. Student of the Gun

My single favorite firearms related podcast is Student of the Gun.  I don’t agree with Paul Markel’s every utterance as far as gear and gadgets, and I am not a fan of some of the products he endorses, but no two individuals in this craft agree on everything in that sense, so I consider that a non-issue.  I think Markel delves deeply, and often profoundly, into the social and political concerns surrounding 2nd Amendment and our other freedoms.  He is also funny and entertaining in his delivery.  I think you should be listening to this show if you are a defender of personal liberty. 

2. Ballistic Radio

This might be the single best podcast available for sound advice on defensive shooting gear and tactics.  John Johnston always interviews excellent guests and as a very experienced and knowledgeable shooter and instructor himself, he always asks all the right questions. 

3. Warrior Life

Warrior Life used to be named Modern Combat and Survival.  At first impression this podcast might come off as a bit on the mall ninja side of things, but don’t be fooled, the material is always excellent.  The truth is, the archives of older shows are where you want to go regarding this show.  In the past host Jeff Anderson has interviewed some excellent guests and he leads a fantastic discussion.  The many shows that he does solo are consistently good as well as he is a combat veteran and experienced prepper. 

4. Concealed Carry Podcast

A consistently good show that covers topics entirely relevant to the citizen concealed carrier.  Host Riley Bowman is a good shooter and experienced instructor and he always leads an excellent and educational discussion. 

5. Handgun World Podcast

Host Bob Mane proclaims himself to be a regular guy, not a tactical guru, and this approach makes his show excellent.  He leads great interviews with some fantastic guests. 

6. Gun Talk

Tom Grisham’s Gun Talk Radio is actually a syndicated radio show that airs on Sundays but it is also available in podcast form.  This is my go-to resource for news, updates, and analysis of everything related to the firearms and 2A community. 

7. American Warrior Show

Host Mike Seeklander tends to be as articulate as he is knowledgeable, so it should come as no surprise that his podcast is fantastic.  Always good guests, always great discussion.

8. In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival

Sadly, this show is no longer on, but the archives are all still available on most podcast providers.  This is, in my opinion, the single best preparedness related podcast ever and it often delves into self-defense and personal protection in very practical ways. 

9. Higher Line Podcast

Host Mickey Schuch consistently interviews interesting guests and leads a very thoughtful and educational discussion.  I would especially recommend listening to the back episodes with the late William Aprill. 

10. CCW Safe Podcast

CCW Safe is a legal protection company for concealed carriers and they provide excellent information for their members, and the public in general.  The CCW Safe Podcast is a fantastic resource that provides deep dive discussions into self-defense law.  That is available off the CCWSafe website. 

11. Prepping 2.0

A lot of firearms material is covered in this show, but as part of the greater whole of preparation.  This is one of the best preparedness podcasts out there.

12. Michael Bane TV on the Radio

I consider Michael Bane’s weekly podcast a must listen.  Legal, social, and political issues of the day are covered with Michael’s thorough and consistently excellent advice along the way.

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