A Great Lever Rifle Resource – Wolf’s Prairie Outdoors

Those of you that follow this blog know that most of my focus is on the defensive application of the handgun, as the name would imply, but I also share some content on long guns, particularly the lever rifle, as I espouse the ongoing usefulness of the platform.  Though lever rifles have been popular in the past few years, there remains little good information on them for the new enthusiast.

One of the best resources for lever guns that is available, particularly for modernized lever guns, is the Wolf’s Prairie Outdoors Youtube channel.  Over the past several years they have made some great videos on lever rifles, and they just released a twelve-part series on the defensive lever gun.  They go over everything for hardware setup, ballistics tests for different calibers, and even barrier penetration tests.  It is a great series and if you are into the lever action rifle, particularly for defensive use, check it out:

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