The Problem with the Firearms Community – And Humanity in General

Why can’t we get gun owners, and more specifically, concealed carriers, to train? why can’t we get them to seek out education? Why is our community of serious practitioners so small, despite the fact that roughly half of Americans own guns?

This is why:

This stupid-ass, worthless, video has 15 millions views as of this writing:

This video, filled with excellent and well-thought out and practical information that is important for the armed citizen, as of this writing, has 500 views.

People don’t want to be educated, they want to be entertained. If you are serious about self-defense, train with experts, and watch videos like the second example instead of the first, you are a member of a very small and select group among gun owners and concealed carriers. Sadly, I am not seeing much hope for reaching the masses that are watching people shoot glass balls on youtube, and probably watch some bullshit about the Kardashians on television.

Admit it, you watched the glass ball video first, didn’t you?

2 thoughts on “The Problem with the Firearms Community – And Humanity in General

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  1. I’ll have you know I saw a SpecOps Ninja warrior on Instagram who showed a blurry pic of the glass balls they used on deployment!
    Seriously though, it blows my mind how pure entertainment draws millions of views, and even other channels that try to mix education with fun, will barely scratch the surface. Never mind purely educational ones. The issue is that once in a while people will take a smoke break from the mind numbing entertainment, see a good video or read a good post, go buy pepper spray for example, and the buying process was enough training for them. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. Gear is being plugged into software holes and mindset problems. Not saying Demo Ranch isn’t doing a service for the 2A by reaching a huge segment, but it’s not exactly a good use of time.


    1. Agreed. You also make a good point that these entertainment channels do good for the 2A. That is certainly true for many of them. It just proves frustrating to see the good content ignored and the mindless entertainment go viral.


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