Proactive Avoidance

In the second decade of the 21st Century we need to be actively practicing the skill of avoidance.  No longer is it good enough to simply parrot the advice to “avoid the fight.”  Rather, the citizen self-defender needs to practice what I will refer to as “proactive avoidance.”  Unfortunately, we live in a time of changing threats and an untrustworthy judicial system in which criminals are protected and those who exercise self-defense are often maliciously prosecuted.  It should come as no surprise that this perversion of the law happens primarily in blue-voting urban areas. 

As you might expect, “proactive” indicates that you must be engaged in the activity and conduct some level of investment into avoiding problems to begin with.  How do we accomplish this?  Here are some tips:

Pay Attention to the News for your Vicinity and Travel Destinations:

I get it, listening to the news or reading it sucks.  Maybe you are “not into politics.”  Whatever.  Ignorance of the world around you only hurts yourself.  So, skip the political talking heads and just scan the actual news of events on local networks, or networks located in the jurisdictions where you will travel.  Is there a protest scheduled in downtown today?  Stay away from downtown. 

Know the Current Crime Trends:

Keep abreast of the changing threat.  What are the current trends in crime?  Is there a spike in carjackings in the city where you work?  Is there mob violence erupting around you or in an area you will be traveling to?  Know what is going on and plan to avoid dangerous areas. 

Know the Hotspots:

What are the hotspots for trouble in your vicinity?  You probably know where the bad neighborhoods are and avoid them.  Beyond this, however, what are the hotspots for unrest?  The courthouse.  City Hall.  The police precinct.  These are all likely spots for mob scenes and mostly-peaceful violent protests.  Avoid these areas.  If these hot spots are near your place of work, your home, or anywhere along your commute, know about it and have plans to avoid them when traveling past.

Plan your Travel Routes:

If you have a daily commute, plan it according to hotspots or predicted disruptions.  If you pass City Hall on your daily commute and a police shooting has just occurred that has the commies raging, plan on avoiding that stretch for the duration.  Have alternate routes mapped out for your travels based on the news of what is happening. 

Give Up Certain Entertainment:

Get used to simply not going to questionable places.  Do you want to take the kids to a basketball game in the city but carjackings are out of control thanks to the leftist policies of defund the police supported by the morons who live there?  Skip it.   Don’t worry, the kids will survive.   Take them camping or hiking to rural areas where citizens roam armed and free and there are no carjackings.  Want to go to that new club that is all the hotness but it is full of young drunks?  Really?  You should know my advice on that.  Get used to avoiding the quintessential “stupid places, with stupid people, doing stupid things.”

There you have it, some things to consider on being proactive about avoiding bad situations.

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