Urban Filth

I was unfortunate enough to have to travel to Baltimore for work recently.  This was the first time in three years I have set foot in that cesspool (a blue utopia, apparently, because this is what they keep voting for).  While I try not to be overtly political, I can’t help but proclaim the obvious.  Everywhere the democrats have a super majority, filth reigns.  Homeless bums, drug addicts, needles, and, literally, shit on the streets.  That is the hallmark of Democrat policy.  For those that would argue against this, clinging to the self-imposed daydream that says the democrats “care,” how caring does the environment in Baltimore appear to be?  School children step over blood when walking to school on a routine basis in these blue bastions, but, alas, at least criminals are not prosecuted.  How caring.    

Voting democrat ensures that the entire nation will, eventually, resemble Baltimore, or downtown Philadelphia, or any other shitty place that the party rules with a super-majority.  In Baltimore, even in the supposed “good” section of town, I could not walk a single block without having to blow off at least one bum, sometimes several.  Imagine living like this? All of the restaurants that used to be in that section of town are gone and the riff raff has taken over, completely.  Imagine wanting to live in such filth?  But, it appears a majority of residents are good with it since they keep voting democrats into every office at every level of city power. 

But, don’t worry, after pulling the lever for the blue, you can feel self-righteous in your vote for the “caring” party, and dodge the feces and needles on your way to the office.  You can feel good about voting for the party that stands for “women’s rights.”  Yet, all I see is a party that empowers the criminal and disarms the female in the face of it.  How empowering is it to run through the city like a hunted animal, dodging the aggressive approach of one scumbag after another?  Pathetic.  Don’t worry, you can forget all about it when you return to your liberal, gated community in the evening.  The bums that bother you in the day are not your problem in rich suburbia.  Afterall, democrat policy is very good at keeping the filth out of the suburban gated communities which are the bastion of their voter base. 

While some take issue with being politically divisive in the firearms community, I suggest we stop the Kumbaya crap. If you vote democrat, you vote for the party that, as a platform, wants to put you in prison for the weapons you own to defend yourself. Tell me, how are you a member of the firearms and self -defense community that believes in the basic human dignity of self-protection, yet you vote for a party that wants to disarm by force, or imprison, said members of the community? Because, despite the self-imposed denial of many, that is exactly what the democrat machine seeks to do. This is what they attempt to do everywhere that they get a majority. as soon as they take majority, let the assault weapons bans, magazine limits, and every other infringement, begin. Don’t comply? That’s a felony that will put you in prison. If you deny that reality, you are a fool. Look at what they tried to pass in Virginia when they took over? Look at what they do in New York, New Jersey, and California. No thank you.

Being a gun owner who owns such firearms for self-defense, yet voting democrat, is contradictory insanity. Voting democrat is a social suicide pact, just look at every place they rule. Yes, the republicans suck, and some of them are meanies who say callus things, and they don’t focus on all the feelz, and they don’t placate your desire to be a victim. But, the party platform does not actively seek to make you a felon for your gun ownership.

Keep voting for the party that cares, and we will all end up living in Baltimore.  Afterall, who needs logic and pragmatism when we can just have feelings.  If you like being unarmed while repeat violent offenders run wild and do whatever they want, vote blue. This is not complicated, it is simple, and it is a choice.

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  1. I am always amazed at blue cities/states that continue to reelect the same people or actually manage to replace them with someone worse all while slamming red cities/states. They seem to never objectively compare red vs blue.


    1. It’s beyond belief. Apparently facts do not overcome feelings for these folks. They keep pulling the lever to live like this because they listen to only a media that tells them how enlightened the left is and how evil the right is.


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