Smaller is Often Better

Firearms instructors get hung up on encouraging people to “carry as much gun as possible.”  Arguably, a full-size pistol beats a micro gun if actually needed in a fight, but the primary reason behind this constant drone is the simple fact that most people shoot a full-size gun better than a small gun.  Firearms instructors see it all the time: a new shooter struggles with a tiny pocket pistol or a small revolver, then quickly gain some level of competence when moving to a duty sized handgun.  Marvelous!

Well, if the utility of a gun is strictly gauged by what the novice shooter can actually shoot best, we should all be carrying AR15s.  Of course, those tend to be difficult to conceal.  Further, full-size handguns can be difficult to conceal, despite the lifestyle of the average firearms industry guy who only wears 5.11 pants and flannel shirts and sees no reason why everyone does not carry a Glock 17 and three spare magazines. 

If it is too large to carry and you leave it at home, it does not really matter how much better you can shoot it compared to something diminutive, but carriable.  I am a proponent of carrying a serious gun whenever possible.  However, it is hardly always possible.  Especially coming out of the COVID experience, I have gravitated to small guns more than ever.  With over a year of living and working from home, I existed in shorts or sweatpants.  The Phlster Enigma and small revolver have become the ever-present sidekick. 

Should I be carrying a Glock 17 or M&P full-size?  Absolutely!  But, will I carry that around the house all day, and out to the mail box, and out with the trash, and around the neighborhood with the dog, all while in board shorts?  When going into town with the family, yes, I jock up and put on the autoloader and spare magazine.  But, while living life, I carry a small revolver.  Sure, I might get kilt in da streetz for it.  However, the Tactical Timmy who proclaims to only carry a full-size autoloader, but is always out and about without it because it is too difficult to put on just to go to the mailbox, sounds more likely to get kilt in da streetz than the individual who carries a pocket gun, but ALWAYS has it in the pocket. 

Smaller is better, if it means armed all the time instead of just sometimes.  While much is written about and discussed concerning this horrible new phase our nation is in thanks to not prosecuting criminals, thus urging the carry of serious firepower, I would submit that carrying ALL THE TIME possible is more important than carrying ALL THE FIREPOWER possible, just some of the time. 

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