Gun Control: The True War on Women

Feminism is a big topic of late, the election of Donald Trump has set it ablaze, as was expected. I have no intention of weighing in on the issues that so many ladies are mad about currently, however, there is one glaring omission that seems to be missing from their list of denied rights.  Of course, this particular demographic tends to trample on this particular right.  For the ladies that believe in fighting for all rights, not just those paraded by the selective left, consider this:

The most outspoken Leftists for your cause also want to keep you disarmed, utterly defenseless, and dependent entirely on the government for all things, including your own protection.  After all, gun control is not about the guns, it is about control, and the fact that the most violent places in this nation are the most restrictive on firearms is a testament to that. Criminals are always armed and they are at their most violent capacity in places with the strictest firearms legislation.  Gun control is an oppression greatest on the more vulnerable, which includes women.

There is no legislation that can possibly be passed that will disarm criminals.  What gun control does do splendidly, however, is disarm law abiding citizens so that they cannot adequately defend themselves.  Women, in particular, who are prone to criminal attacks that men are less susceptible to, are left defenseless in many of the large urban areas of this nation due to restrictive gun control.  Washington DC, consistently ranking as one of the worst cities for violent crime every year, not only prohibits firearms but also pepper spray.  Such a local ordinance, imposed by an overwhelmingly Liberal city government, supported by an overwhelmingly Liberal population, specifically denies women any means of self-protection.

So, while Leftists may often proclaim to be the champion of woman’s rights the relentless double-standard on civil liberties among the left does not cease.  Woman deserve equality under the law including the ability to defend themselves from criminal assault perpetrated by physically stronger individuals.  That equality, however, is taken from them in many liberal states and jurisdictions.  Of course, most pink hat wearing types would probably never consider protecting themselves, they think that is better left to the state, as is apparently all else.  But for you girls who believe in real freedom, vote accordingly.

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