Nobody Needs an AR15! – How to Crush This Argument

The left hates the AR15 because it is of the same weapon family, and looks identical, to the standard military issued M4 carbine.  The sheer notion that civilians have access to such a weapon drives leftists crazy and it is more symbolic than anything else.  Leftists believe in the relinquishment of all individual strength to the state and the private ownership of the AR15 has become a symbol of their vexation.

If you are reading this blog you are probably an American that actually believes in freedom and the principles on which this nation was founded.  Therefore, you may want some information on how to de-bunk the hatred for the AR15 that is touted by the left.  Arguing with a leftist about gun control is a significant waste of your time as they are immune to facts and they simply feel that guns are bad.  And, of course, leftists think legislation should be based on how they currently feel about things.  However, when dealing with a moderate democrat or a small “r” republican, you may have a good conversation.  Therefore, here is some information for you:

Why Does a Civilian Need an AR15?  It is Too Dangerous!

The AR15 is actually a comparatively light caliber rifle.  The 223 Remington/5.56 NATO round that it is traditionally chambered in is actually a much weaker cartridge than your average game hunting rifle.  The AR15 is also no different in functionality than any other semi-automatic, of which there are many.  It is often used in headline-grabbing attacks for one simple reason: it is the most popular gun in the country.  It is no more deadly in the hands of a mass-killer than any other currently popular weapon.  The Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 claimed 32 lives and the killer used a handgun.  The Luby’s Café Massacre in 1991 claimed 23 lives and that killer also used a handgun.

You Don’t Need an AR15 for Self-Defense

The AR15 is actually an ideal home defense gun and that is one of several reasons it is so popular.  Due to the fact that it is chambered in a light cartridge it has low recoil, making it a great choice for small-statured women who can’t handle the recoil of a shotgun.  The adaptability of the gun itself makes it perfectly suited in size for all potential defenders in the home, from a small female to a large male.

Still, nobody NEEDS an AR15!

Well, nobody needs a swimming pool either, and according to CDC statistics roughly ten times as many people a year die from drowning than are murdered with ALL rifles combined.  Let’s ban swimming pools, we will save more lives and unlike guns they are not even protected by the constitution.

Now, an additional benefit of this discussion is that you will know the political spectrum of your intellectual opponent:  A moderate democrat or a small “r” republican will say something to the effect of “hmm, that’s a good point.”

However, a true leftist will tell you that you are a racist bigot and the AR15 is an extension of your toxic masculinity…………….and they will tell you that even if you are a girl.

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