My Three Favorite Tools of Preparedness

If I could only have three tools of preparedness and personal protection it would be a handgun, a blade, and a good light.  The three pictured here are my favorites of each and represent my daily carry.  In particular, this is a Glock 26 Gen 3, a Ka Bar TDI knife, and a Streamlight Protac 2Lx light.

There is a lot that you can accomplish with these three tools.  The handgun should speak for itself: if you need one then it is the only tool that will do.  A blade is similar in nature.  While a devastating contact distance weapon, the knife is primarily an emergency cutting tool for myself, its role as a weapon is secondary.  The light is necessary, as half of our time in this world is spend in darkness.  It also makes a good impact weapon or smashing tool to break a window.

While there are other tools I absolutely believe in carrying (medical gear, a reload, etc…) these three tools are a given for any environment.  Unless legally prohibited, I carry these items.

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