Shooting Platform Part III: Arm Structure

Beyond the modern high-tang, thumbs forward grip technique for controlling the handgun, the grip is further, and drastically, influenced by the structure of the arms.  Many shooters never adopt an efficient arm structure.  There is a tendency among many to lock their elbows out too aggressively, and many also don’t bend their wrists in a manner to strengthen the grip. 

The wrists should have a rounded curve to strengthen their ability to control the gun, and the elbows should act as shock absorbers.  Some of the more “tactical” techniques seen all over the place, like the “tactical turtle” stance, do not maximize this arm structure.  Look at the average higher end competition shooter; he might not look as cool when shooting as a tactical guy with a beard and sleeve tats standing in the tactical turtle posture, but he shoots a hell of a lot better.  Do you want to look cool, or shoot well?  Your choice. 

See the video:

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